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Hy-Brasil: The Legendary Phantom Island of Eire

Hy-Brasil was an island which appeared on historical maps as early as 1325 and into the 1800s. On most maps, it was positioned roughly 321km (200 miles) off the west coast of Eire within the North Atlantic Ocean. One of the distinctive geographical options of Hy-Brasil on these maps is that it usually seems as a circle with a channel (or river) working east to west throughout the diameter. Tales concerning the island have circulated all through Europe for hundreds of years with tales that it was the promised land of saints or a paradise the place a complicated civilization lived. In Irish fable, it was stated to be clouded in mist apart from sooner or later each seven years when it turned seen however nonetheless couldn’t be reached.

The Many Names of the Mysterious Island

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Hy-Brasil (additionally known as Hy-Breasal, Hy-Brazil, Hy-Breasil, Brazir) is derived from the title Breasal which means the Excessive King of the world in Celtic historical past. It was famous on maps as early as 1325, by the Genoese cartographer Angelino Dulcert the place it was recognized as “Bracile.” It later appeared within the Catalan Atlas in 1375, which positioned it as two separate islands with the identical title, “Illa de brasil”.

In 1436, it confirmed up as “Sola De Brasil” within the Venetian map by cartographer Andrea Bianco. Hooked up to one of many bigger islands of a bunch within the Atlantic, this was recognized for a time with the Mater Island. It will present up once more in 1595 on the Ortelius Map of Europe and Europa Mercator Map and infrequently present up in barely totally different areas on totally different maps over time.

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Expeditions in Search of Hy-Brasil

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In 1480, John Jay Jr. departed from Bristol, England on a journey to search out the fabled island solely to return again empty-handed after spending two months at sea. In 1481, two extra ships, the Trinity and the George departed from Bristol on an expedition to search out Hy-Brasil with no success both.

Apparently, in 1497, Spanish diplomat Pedro de Ayala reported to the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, that John Cabot (the primary European to go to North America for the reason that Vikings) had “ found previously by the lads from Bristol who discovered Brasil. ” This implied somebody from one of many Bristol expeditions had truly managed to search out it.

Practically two centuries later Scottish sea captain, John Nisbet, claimed to have noticed Hy-Brasil on his voyage from France to Eire in 1674. He’s stated to have despatched a celebration of 4 ashore the place the sailors spent the complete day on the island.

Massive Black Rabbits and a Mysterious Magician

There, they declare to have met a smart outdated man who supplied them with gold and silver. Surprisingly, the captain stated the island was inhabited by giant black rabbits and a mysterious magician who lived in a big stone fort by himself. A observe up expedition was led by captain Alexander Johnson who additionally claimed to have discovered Hy-Brasil, confirming Nisbet’s findings.

Within the following years, Hy-Brasil would retreat into anonymity. As makes an attempt to search out it failed once more, map-makers began leaving it off most nautical charts. When it was final noticed on a map in 1865, it was merely famous as “Brazil rock.”

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The final documented sighting of Hy-Brasil was made in 1872 by Robert O’Flaherty and T.J. Westropp. Westropp claimed to have visited the island on three earlier events and was so captivated by it that he introduced his household with him to see it in particular person. There, all of them witnessed it seem out of nowhere solely to see it vanish once more earlier than their very eyes.

Myths and Legends About Hy-Brasil

There are various myths and legends surrounding Hy-Brasil. In a few of them, the island is the house of the gods of Irish lore. In others, it’s inhabited by clergymen or monks rumored to carry historical information which allowed them to create a complicated civilization. Some suppose that St. Brendan’s well-known voyage to search out the “Promised Land” could have been Hy-Brasil.

In a single well-known UFO encounter, generally known as the Rendlesham Forest incident, a wierd craft is reported to have landed exterior a U.S. army base within the U.Okay. Sergeant Jim Penniston claims to have touched this craft and telepathically obtain 16 pages of binary code into his thoughts. He wrote down the code the following day and had it translated many years later. The code was stated to checklist very particular coordinates of Hy-Brasil and listed the placement the place historical cartographers had it mapped. The message additionally listed the coordinates of a number of different historical websites all over the world such because the Pyramids at Giza and Nazca Traces. On the very backside of the message, coordinates of Hy-Brasil have been listed once more together with an origin 12 months of 8100.

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Hy-Brasil as Eire’s Atlantis

Whereas Atlantis stands out as the most well-known misplaced civilization, Hy-Brasil is best documented and has extra eyewitness accounts behind it.

The legend may very well be a narrative that was handed down by means of generations from the tip of the final Ice Age when sea ranges have been decrease. For instance, the so-called Porcupine Financial institution, found in 1862, seems to have been an island in some unspecified time in the future in time. Situated about 193 km (120 miles) west of Eire, it’s a shoal uncovered at excessive low tide and the place an 1830 chart had ‘Brazil Rock’ positioned. The financial institution’s highest level is round 200 meters (656 toes) under sea stage and was sunk both as a consequence of a disaster or rising sea ranges.

In the present day, no such island known as Hy-Brasil exists on any maps or nautical charts and no historic paperwork have been ever recorded to point what occurred to it. Mainstream historians merely contemplate it a case of mistaken identification. Nonetheless, it’s a peculiar riddle in historical past that’s more likely to be debated and mentioned into the longer term.